Whew – is it safe to come out now?

56 Signers ParkThe cherry blossoms took their sweet time coming this year and it seemed to build up a following.

I’ve never seen so many people around the Tidal Basin over the past week. It was like the Fourth of July at the beach. Just waves and waves of people where cars couldn’t even turn right because the crowd covered the crosswalk. Indeed, there were way, way too many jaywalkers around town.

I’ve learned how beach residents feel about summer tourists — they’re happy to see them come and they’re happy to see them go. I feel the same about the blossoms now. They’re pretty much gone after five days of peak blooming. You’ll still see a few, but that ah-ha moment is gone for another year.

The crowds will stay with us for the next six months. This is just the beginning. Students groups will eventually yield to families on summer vacation to school groups again this fall. But, crowds will never rival the past week.

Thank goodness.

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