The world’s longest chess board

Union Station flagsI wonder if Abe Lincoln is weeping somewhere over the sight of gates in front of his memorial?

Does Thomas Jefferson hate the restriction of freedom surrounding his memorial? Does Martin Luther King, Jr. still think “Free at last” when shut off from Americans? Do the names on the Vietnam Wall wonder if the country they died for has become some kind of Kremlin-like society?

It’s day 7 of the national parks turned pawns in a political chess game known as the federal government shutdown.

It’s disgusting.

The outdoor memorials are still somewhat accessible with some like the Jefferson and Vietnam now seeing the public openly disobeying the stay out signs while most rangers look away.

Maybe this is what our founding fathers and King would want – opposing tyranny. Citizens are saying the hell with a poor government and retaking the National Mall.

The indoor venues such as the Smithsonian museums can’t be retaken, unfortunately. And for all the beckoning by second-tier attractions, tourists don’t come to see them or they would be primary venues.

How long must this stupidity last?

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