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Down by the old, old, old spring house

  It is a house of mystery. Well, at least a spring house of mystery. In nearly the middle of Ft. Lincoln Cemetery is a spring house believed to be one of the older structural relics of the American colonization … Continue reading

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Lincoln at Fort Lincoln Cemetery

Truly, this is one of the hidden gems of Washington. An Abraham Lincoln sculpture by renowned Lincoln scholar Andrew O’Connor sits in the middle of Fort Lincoln Cemetery about 100 yards from the District line. The 13-foot enduring bronze statue … Continue reading

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Fort Lincoln Cemetery clock that keeps on ticking

  What could be more fitting for a cemetery than a clock that never ends? This 1938 floral clock in the entrance area of Ft. Lincoln Cemetery just across the District’s border in Brentwood, Md. was created by famed timekeeper … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Ft. Lincoln cemetery

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