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Murder on Embassy Row

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Baptist Alley gets overlooked

I’ve seen several tours of the Lincoln assassination as well as the one I give and one spot that’s often overlooked is Baptist Alley. It’s the rear of Ford’s Theatre where assassin John Wilkes Booth entered and exited. The alley … Continue reading

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Petersen House is a must stop for Lincoln fans

For many years, I’ve walked past Petersen House en route to Ford Theatre. I should have detoured across the street years earlier. President Abraham Lincoln died at Petersen House on April 14, 1865 after shot the night before at Ford’s … Continue reading

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Remembering JFK 50 years later

Friday is the 50th anniversary of president John F. Kennedy’s assassination. They say if you were alive you remember what you were doing the exact moment when hearing the news. But, I was only three-years old so I don’t remember … Continue reading

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Consider a Lincoln assassination tour

Sometimes I call it a Lincoln assassination tour. Sometimes it’s a John Wilkes Booth tour. The difference is which angle to take, but the information is 90 percent the same. Just depends on what the audience wants. Here’s a taste … Continue reading

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