Sorry, Washington is closed

Planning to come to the nation’s capital this spring? Not anymore? I hear you.

Everything is closed. Everything. And not just today, but probably all spring and maybe into the summer. Museums, federal government, Capitol, Supreme Court, White House, National Archives, sports teams . . . even Arlington National Cemetery for a day.

Let’s admit it – America is under lockdown for the foreseeable future. It’s not our fault and there’s nothing to be done but wait out the coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the magnolias are in bloom by the Smithsonian Castle and the cherry blossoms should be in preak bloom around March 20. My wife and I will brave the virus to see the trees this weekend. I mean, it’s outdoors and there shouldn’t be a lot of people so we’ll do our best.

This sucks, but we’ll get through it. Stay healthy everyone.

About Rick

Rick Snider is a native Washingtonian, long-time journalist and licensed tour guide since 2010.
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