I was driving to cover a Redskins game as part of my double life as a sports writer/tour guide when this idea came to me. A friend said it was an angel whispering his story.

Well, I wrote “The Angel Among Us” and publishers passed. Fiction is a hard sell. Christian fiction is an even smaller niche. I didn’t want to self publish or create an audio book so I’ve decided to give it away free via a podcast.

Even better, rather than listening to me droning on for 75,000 words, I’ve converted the book into an old-time radio show with friends and family reading parts. Maybe we’re not perfectly polished, but it’s a lot of fun by people who live in Southern Maryland like the book.

Episodes are now available on iTunes and most other podcast sites. But you can click the first two from here, too. There’s also a second story called “The Voice” of a dying man who sails into the horizon to find a voice he’s hard throughput his life that’s now available.

FOR MORE EPISODES, CLICK https://theangelamongus.podbean.com/

If people enjoy these podcast, I have more coming so tell your friends, binge listen and let me know how you enjoy it at MonumentalThoughts@gmail.com. And, if you’d like to donate to offset production costs of our next book podcast, please consider clicking this Paypal link. https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=KHL9GQEUA5Q5E