New Tour – Pigskins and Pizza

Pigskins and Pizza

Whenever we leave lock down and walk the earth freely and safely again, I have a new tour coming – Pigskins and Pizza Tours.

Post-corona virus is going to be a different time in Washington. I don’t see normal tourism returning for a few years and well, a tour guide’s gotta eat. So, I’m combining my two careers as a sports writer of 42 years and a tour guide of 10 years into one big afternoon of eating pizza, visiting some Georgetown historical sites and talking football.

We’ll dine at two different pizza parlors known for excellent pizza because life is too short for bad pizza. You get to ask anything you want about football, other sports or even local history. I’ll keep the group small to enhance the experience. We’ll have fun.

I wish I could tell you when we’re starting, but as Dr. Anthony Fauci says, “The virus determines the timetable.” But, my guess is come July-August I’ll start the Saturday tours. My competitors can offer a pizza tour, but they don’t have my 42 years of covering local sports to discuss.

Stay safe everyone and hopefully we’ll be eating and laughing together soon.

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