Nats score a home run with Taft

Bill TaftWilliam Howard Taft is the newest racing president for the Washington Nationals.


Aside the former 27th U.S. president is my distant cousin to provide a new rooting interest (sorry Teddy, blood’s blood,) Taft is the perfect foe for popular president Teddy Roosevelt to combat. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abe Lincoln might as well retire because this will quickly become a match race between Teddy and Bill.

Now that Teddy won last season, the Nats needed something new to keep the popular fourth-inning race relevant. Taft and Roosevelt were allies turned enemies. Roosevelt didn’t like how Taft handled things after the latter succeeded him and ran against Taft in the 1912 election. In the end, Roosevelt probably cost Taft the election to let Woodrow Wilson become president.

William Howard TaftTaft went on to become the only president to also serve as Supreme Court Chief Justice for nine years until his 1930 death. He was the first president buried at Arlington National Cemetery just steps from Lincoln’s son Robert and five-star general Omar Bradley. Few people wander by Taft’s grave because it’s to the right of the main gates.

I especially like the Nats didn’t make fun of Taft’s girth, which was 300-plus pounds and caused him to get stuck in a bathtub. Little known is Taft lost 80 pounds in the year after leaving the presidency. No sense teaching kids that it’s OK to laugh at people of substance.

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