National Cathedral in Legos

National Cathedral

It took 83 years to build the National Cathedral. Now it will take three to five years to build a Legos version.

As part of the ongoing $34 million in renovations to the cathedral courtesy of a 2011 earthquake damage, the nation’s church is building a Lego version. The public can purchase each Lego for $2 and snap it into place. Overall, 500,000 Legos will be needed to build an 13-by-8 foot version while raising $1 million for renovations. Overall, $19 million is still needed to fix the church.

Personally, I think it would be really cool if the family of the late president George H.W. Bush placed the last piece given he delivered a speech on the cathedral’s 1990 completion. President Teddy Roosevelt attended the 1907 dedication so maybe one of his clan can come, too.

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