Hitting the wall – my favorite blog posts

Rick SniderFour years and 700 posts ago, I started Monumental Thoughts as my journey to learning the city as I started tour guiding. That I’m a native Washingtonian who has been around town for nearly 54 years doesn’t mean I knew enough to be a guide. Trust me – those nickel tours we all give out-of-town relatives are worth every penny they pay. Becoming a licensed tour guide opened a gateway to new adventures around town and a lesson to the 3,150-plus statues, memorials and monuments.

I wondered when I’d lose steam writing the blog. Frankly, I’d say a few months ago when switching from actual statues to experiences while touring. They’re probably more interesting than a statue, but I’ve decided to change things up even more.

The blog stays because at least a handful of you read it regularly. Google analytics largely show people come to the blog to read about a search item but rarely return. I get it – statue blogs aren’t sexy. And that’s OK, this was more my journey than yours.

So since 99 percent of you haven’t read past blog items, I’m recycling some from the past. It’s not cheating if I admit it. I’ll still include new items, but to keep the blog going for now I’ll rerun some of my favorites.

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