Happy second anniversary to Monumental Thoughts

National mallTwo years, 462 posts and 37,615 readers — it has been a good two years for my blog.

Monumental Thoughts started as my public study guide as a new tour guide after licensed a couple months earlier. I’d learn things and write them down, passing along the knowledge while furthering my own.

But slowly, it evolved. Funny stories from tours. Commentary on events. A lot of cool photos. Book reviews.

I slowed down from seven days a week to five posts per week to three each week nowadays. Honestly, it coincides with being busier professionally and already covering so much territory.

But, I have no plans to end the blog. Two years is probably a realistic limit for a blog, but I’ll go for three and in 2014 we’ll see what happens. People love finding unusual items not written elsewhere. What was that statue they walked by?

The most read post over the past year was why there are stones on graves at Arlington National Cemetery. Here are the most-read stories over two years.

1. Main page 27,047
2. Reflecting pool under renovation 4,802
3. The rocks atop the stones at ANC 4,584
4. How to find a name on the Vietnam Wall 1,986
5. About Rick Snider 1,694
6. The Court of Neptune at Library of Congress 1,679
7. Photo gallery 1,604
8. Surratt boarding house now Chinese restaurant 1,395
9. Canal Lock Keeper’s house stone’s throw from monuments 1,235
10. What I learned 10 years after suffering heart attack 1,144


About Rick

Rick Snider is a native Washingtonian, long-time journalist and licensed tour guide since 2010.
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