Happy half birthday to Monumental Thoughts

Hard to believe six months have passed since starting this blog.

Some 4,578 visitors have seen the only blog that posts near daily about Washington, D.C.’s monuments, memorials, statues and other attractions. That’s not a great number, but nowadays I’m getting three times more hits daily versus the early days so maybe the next six months will be more like 7,000-8,000 overall.

Google has been my best friend with 1,900-plus hits. The most searched item is the the reflecting pool’s renovation followed by the Mary Surratt movie and Travel and Leisure’s rude poll. Twitter has sent 10 percent of my hits and dcblogs 8 percent.

The reflection pool renovations is the most read post. Ironically, it’s perhaps the shortest. How to tick off Washingtonians, the Canal Lock Keepers House and two Mary Surratt posts were also highly read.

Readers came from 66 countries. After the U.S., which is nearly 90 percent of visitors, Costa Rica was second, followed by Canada, United Kingdom and India respectively. Nepal and Estonia may have been the most far-flung countries.

Among U.S. readers, Maryland finished slightly ahead of the District and Virginia respectively. Combined, they’re about 55 percent of total viewers, meaning one-third are nationwide and the rest worldwide. The only states with no visitors are North and South Dakota. What did I ever do to them? I’ve even been to both states.

So what’s next? Probably more off-the-mall items since I’ve probably exhausted most of the ones downtown. I’m planning a photo safari to Embassy Row this week. I’d like to spend more time at Arlington National Cemetery on fascinating monuments in the fall when I’m not sweating to death leading tours up and down the hills. More Q&As with those associated with attractions would be great.

Thanks to everyone for reading. Since I don’t make any money off this blog (I’m open to ideas) it’s really just passing along the knowledge I gain as a licensed tour guide.


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Rick Snider is a native Washingtonian, long-time journalist and licensed tour guide since 2010.
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