Happy 4th birthday to Monumental Thoughts

Rick SniderMonumental Thoughts celebrates its fourth birthday. Wow, and they said we wouldn’t last a week. Well, I don’t know who said that but if someone did that they would be wrong. Year four saw 13,334 visitors. Over four years, 82,628 have visited my website devoted to Washington’s memorials, monuments, statues and local life.

Google was again my best friend in 2014 with 5,604 hits. Bing and Yahoo were both near 1,200 while Twitter lured 1,145.

Arlington National Cemetery graveThe most read story for the third straight year was the meaning of stones atop graves at Arlington National Cemetery with 3,485 hits. How to find a name on the Vietnam Wall was a distant second at 858 while a photo of the Korean War Memorial was third at 437 and the Court of Neptune Fountain by the Library of Congress was fifth.

Readers came from 109 countries. That amazes me. The U.S. was first of course with 11,726 hits. Brazil was second, but it was some spam bot so Canada was really second, U.K. third. Virginia was the most interested state with 2,371 hits with Maryland second and Washington, D.C. third as expected. Outside our area, New York was the leader with Pennsylvania and California following.

So after 2,480 posts, what’s left to write? That’s a good question.

But there’s always something going on. This is a city, not a museum. Things happen, life goes on. And so will Monumental Thoughts for now.

About Rick

Rick Snider is a native Washingtonian, long-time journalist and licensed tour guide since 2010.
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