Fort Lincoln Cemetery clock that keeps on ticking

Fort Lincoln Cemetery clock


What could be more fitting for a cemetery than a clock that never ends?

This 1938 floral clock in the entrance area of Ft. Lincoln Cemetery just across the District’s border in Brentwood, Md. was created by famed timekeeper Seth Thomas.

The face is 32 feet in diameter with 28 feet for flowers. The numbers are 21 inches high and one foot wide. The minute hand weighs between 300 to 350 pounds and 18 feet, 4 inches long. The hour hand is 200 to 250 pounds and 14 feet, nine inches long. The hands are caste aluminum.

Plants adorn the clock in warmer months. There are 5,000 red and 2,900 green Alteranthereas, 400 Santonlinas and 500 Sedum Tomentosiums.

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