Forgive and forget? Not on your life

Mall lisaThe 16-day federal government shutdown has ended. Can I hear an amen?

I won’t thank lawmakers for finally coming to their senses, especially that idiot congressman who told a park ranger she should be ashamed for keeping people out of the memorials when it was the politicians who did it. I really hope his voters realize he was grandstanding on the backs of veterans and deny him re-election.

Really, the Lincoln Memorial seemed the only icon on the mall that people couldn’t visit during the shutdown after the first few days. There were a lot of open barricades and few rangers to enforce them so it wasn’t a major deal to tourists. At least, the outside venues. Inside ones were closed and there was no way around that.

So what will we tell future visitors about 2013 when the government shut down our memorials, parks and other venues? That they brought shame to America.

Yeah, I’m still mad.

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