Food trucks tell no lies

I don’t often eat at food trucks, but damn they’re tempting sometimes. Not just for saving money and time, but interesting items.

I wandered past a group near a downtown Metro station at lunchtime. And, the one thing about the trucks is they tell the truth of dietary habits. The pizza slice truck must have had 20 people in line. The salad truck saw none. Obviously, the salad truck must sell some or they’d be broke, but pizza and tacos and stuff we should skip are always the top sellers.

The truck with fresh lobster roll amazes me. That’s real commitment to fresh food being shipped daily. I thought it was pricey until once being in Maine and the same lobster roll there was $1 more. So, no more complaining over the price.

Honestly, a lot of the food doesn’t interest me and I’ve been known to grab a hot dog from a downtown cart occasionally between tours. I like the folks. They work hard in all weather just like me and some see my tour badge and cut the price. Professional courtesy, I guess.

But remember, the salad truck needs customers, too.

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