Eating big at Bobby Van’s steakhouse

The Tower of Seafood was on the table in minutes like the starting gun to a fine meal. And, we were off.

My Redskins podcast partner Matt and I along with our wives eat at Bobby Van’s each season. A chance to see how the good life really is. We’re never disappointed. More like delighted with each course.

First, the location is 15th and H Sts. NW about a five-minute walk from the White House. The great service begins with manager David Morris greeting you. We like the Tower of Seafood for its cold shrimp, large lumps of crab and lobster. It would normally be the meal, but we were just getting started.

Salads, bread and beer was the next round before we went our separate ways on the main entrees. My wife loves pork chops while Matt and his wife went porterhouse. I tried the crab cakes. And by the way, the baked potatoes are big enough to feed four people.

Dessert saw Matt and his wife splitting chocolate mousse while my wife and I shared an apple tart. Seriously, there just wasn’t room for individual desserts unless someone rolled me home.

The nice part of Bobby Van’s is the atmosphere. Unlike most restaurants nowadays, it’s quiet enough to talk to each other without shouting in a fine dining atmosphere. You can’t beat the great service, either.

So if you’re looking for somewhere new to eat downtown, try Bobby Van’s. And don’t forget the valet parking out front.


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Rick Snider is a native Washingtonian, long-time journalist and licensed tour guide since 2010.
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