My declaration of war: End the madness

Dear Politicians – we don’t need yours thoughts and prayers and excuses because they accomplish nothing. When someone walked into Sandy Hook Elementary and slaughtered children or even shot politicians on a baseball field and yet nothing was done, then I guess there’s really no hope of Congress making an impact.

Politicians – We need your guts. We need you to stop taking NRA money and finding excuses knowing America will simply move on soon enough to the next tragedy. Las Vegas and 56 deaths seem forever ago now and it was just a few weeks.

If I had the answer I would gladly give it to stop this madness. But, we all know we need to change the Second Amendment. I don’t want to take guns away from people who love to hunt. I know gun ownership is one reason why foreign armies will never invade the U.S. for fear of a guerilla war by citizens.

But from now on, I will no longer vote, donate or support any politician who takes money from the NRA and doesn’t vote for tighter gun controls like, oh I don’t know, not letting mentally ill people own them.

If you don’t like my thoughts, know I’m not open to debate. I’ve drawn the line, seen too many people die. I’ve had a family member shot to death over nothing. I no longer care about finding middle ground. It’s time to make Congress work for us and find new politicians.

May God bless America because we’ve never needed it more.

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