Date night – Fogo de Chao and Trump Hotel

I have walked by Fogo de Chao at least several hundred times while leading tours, telling people how good the food was inside. At least, I heard it was. I’m like a dog with his nose pressed against the glass. Not allowed inside places for rich folks. Not paying high prices for things.

My kids heard the story many times. How one day I would be rich enough to eat there. Finally, they got the hint and my birthday present wasn’t a book or shirt. It was a gift certificate to Fogo de Chao.

My wife said would we should save it for some big occasion? Hell no, let’s go. And we did on Saturday. The place is busy so I used for a reservation.

It was everything I expected and more. Servers constantly passing the table with different types of meat. I’ve always wanted to try lamb, but afraid to order it in case I didn’t like it. Well, sampling lamb was much safer and I found it was good. In fact, the hotter the meat the better it tasted no matter what I ordered. But, the best was rib eye.

Now I’ve learned not to eat until I burst. It took a lifetime not to do so, but I left room for dessert that was a sizeable cheesecake. Overall, four rounds of meat that took 86 minutes before tapping out.

My advice – it’s pricey, but for a special occasion worth it. The restaurant is crowded and loud and busy so it’s more of a buffet for rich folks than an intimate affair. I still like Bobby Van’s or Del Frisco Double Eagle steakhouse more. But it was a chance to fulfill a dream after walking by so many times. Now I can tell people more of what’s inside.

Afterwards, I figured why not cross the street to see Donald Trump’s new hotel? I sat inside the old Post Office headquarter dozens of times during lunch breaks for a bus company I once gave tours. I wanted to see how Trump made it great again.

Well, he sure did. Maybe you have to know the old place to appreciate what has been done. It used to be a long neglected, dirty, grimy place. Now it’s bright, shiny and new with lots of marble and clean everywhere. The lobby was packed.

We took a quick look – the public is allowed in hotel lobbies as public space. Another thing off my bucket list as I often show people the hotel from the outside.

Not a bad Saturday night.

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