Cuba Libre restaurant is muy excellente

The flavor was so explosive, my wife and I burst out laughing. Now that’s a great dessert.

We tried Cuba Libre on 9th and H Sts. N.W. I’ve passed the corner Cuban restaurant a thousand times and it always looked intriguing. I’d really love to see Havana whenever the two countries resume relations so the Cuban food has long tempted me. After seeing a play at Ford’s Theatre, we walked three blocks to try Cuba Libre.

It was a 9 of 10 experience. The only minor things were the air conditioning was cranking and the bar scene was a little too loud even for our table halfway across the restaurant. But those are minor things.

It’s a beautiful restaurant. The service was outstanding. The food was even better from appetizers to main courses (I had a Cuban sandwich, which I’ve loved since trying one in Florida in the mid-90s, while my wife tried the flank steak) to a dessert that included rum cake and lime ice cream. My wife and I have been married since 1980 so we’ve eaten more than 10,000 meals together literally. This was the first time trying a dessert together made us both exclaim at first bite how good it was.

Skip the chains tonight. Forget another Outback experience. Check out Cuba Libre that has plenty of parking in the area. You might call for a reservation on weekends.

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