Capital Photo History Tours

Best D.C. photo tours

Best D.C. photo tours

What makes your tours different?
We give you the best of a licensed Washington tour guide and professional photographer on select tours. You’ll not only learn how to take great photographs around our nation’s memorials, but also the history behind the sites. Come for the history, leave with great photos.

Who are your tour leaders?
Rick Snider is a long-time Washington newspaperman known for his Redskins coverage with The Washington Post Express and 106.7 The Fan. He’s also an experienced licensed Washington tour guide who loves telling the history of his hometown. Rick worked as a photographer for newspapers, too.

Our photographers are talented artists with an eye for the best angles of Washington. Each has different skills, but all concentrate on Washington’s landmarks.

So are they photo tours or history tours?
Some of both. It really depends on the tour and the group. Sometimes everyone has a camera so we work that angle. Sometimes nobody has a camera and we concentrate on the stories. Often it’s a mixture of both. All tours are walking only.

How are the photo tours structured?
We meet at the first site where Rick gives the background of the sites of the day. It’s usually a few minutes. On select tours, we propose ideas for photos and provide advice while you jump in and start clicking. Don’t worry, we won’t hover over you. After all, this is supposed to be fun.

What equipment should be brought?
First – no tripods. A National Park Service rule on memorial sites and public sidewalks declares tripods a safety hazard. Monopods are often permitted. Don’t forget extra batteries and memory cards.

What if I only have a point-and-shoot camera?
Nothing wrong with that. There are no minimum requirements — all cameras are welcome. Some people are simply history buffs and don’t even bring a camera.

How strenuous are the tours?
Anyone in general good health can handle our tours. We walk, talk, photograph and repeat over and over. Tours vary from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Can I exchange tickets for another tour?

Sure, we know things happen. All tickets sold can be used for any other tour. We appreciate a prior email or call if you’re not coming and when you’d like to use the tickets.

What about bad weather?

We go rain or shine, though thunderstorms will make us take cover.

Can I bring my dog?

We love dogs, but not on tour. It’s more of a tripping hazard.

What if I would like a private tour for myself or my group?

No problem. We do those all the time. Just email your request below with the preferred date.

Please send all inquiries to MonumentalThoughts (at)