City celebrates Biden victory

My wife and I were walking Oak Hill Cemetery in Georgetown when we heard honking in the distance. Wonder what that was?

Driving through Georgetown, we quickly learned Joe Biden won the presidential election. People were flooding the streets, cars were honking. So, what the hell, we drove by the White House where it was one big party.

I’ve lived in Washington 60 years, voted in 10 presidential elections. (I’ve never missed even an off-year primary.) I have never seen anything like the celebration over Biden’s victory. Not even Obama’s. The crowd was mostly people in their 20s, having a good time, signs saying goodbye to Donald Trump. Given 93 percent of Washington’s vote was for Biden plus a beautiful 70-degree day, it’s not surprising people came to party.

If this post offends you, well, my blog is free and you’re free not to read it. I don’t take sides publicly very often, but I support Biden largely because I feel he’ll have a better plan moving forward to end the pandemic. I don’t care to argue over whether the election was stolen or if we’re heading towards socialism. That’s your opinion and people don’t listen to each other anymore so I’ll save the keystrokes.

But, it was nice to see the young generation charged over helping our country’s future. We have plenty of heavy lifting and will need their energy. I still think this is the greatest country on Earth, but not so blinded that we can’t use some new ideas. Every generation has them and that’s a good thing.

Leaders will decide on the inaugural ceremonies soon. They’re already building the platform at the capitol because it takes three months. With the pandemic, I expect a small crowd at most. Otherwise, it would be one million people or more as most recent inaugurals have been. But like Ronald Reagan cancelling 1985 outdoor festivities and the parade because it was seven degrees and dangerous for people to be outside for extended periods, Biden could limit the day’s activities. Just another tourism hit in a year of zero for tour guides. Oh well.

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Rick Snider is a native Washingtonian, long-time journalist and licensed tour guide since 2010.
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