Another spring season ends . . .

Jefferson Memorial angle
What did we learn as the 100-day invasion by school children that swarms our city each spring finally ends and a short interlude awaits before family and international tourists follow?

It was a grind.

First it rained forever, including 16 straight days. I tell people tour guiding is a great job – meet lots of people from everywhere, pays well and there’s plenty of exercise – unless it rains. Then it just sucks, and it sucked often this spring.

It was a cold wet spring until it suddenly wasn’t. And just like we knew would happen, the humidity came and suddenly those 60-degree damp days were suddenly muggy 85-degree days. It won’t be long before it’s 95 degrees.

So basically, Mother Nature cheated us out of spring.

The city was overrun and security zealots chose it as the perfect time to increase security measures at the Smithsonian museums. What a mess. And is it really worth it?

Meanwhile, the White House seems an increasing target for fence jumpers. One was even shot when brandishing a gun.

And metro has finally come to its day of reckoning. God help us all there.

So many tourist areas have become bottlenecks. At least Arlington National Cemetery didn’t impose metal detectors as once promised or it would have been 10 times worse.

Here’s the bottom line – have we reached the saturation point? Is American loving us too much?

No – we just need to be smarter over working the ins and outs of increased security, metro problems and more tourists. But we survived and we will overcome.

After all, we’re Washingtonians. It’s what we do.

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