Vietnam Wall to add 8 names, change 9 statuses

Vietnam Wall names


Eight names are currently being added to the Vietnam Wall of those who were killed in action or died as a result of their injuries during the Vietnam War, which will make the new number 58,315. They are the following:

Jeffrey R. Barber

LCPL, U.S. Marine Corps

Denver, Co.

Oct. 9, 1950 – Sept. 6, 2011


Michael G. Frey

PFC, U.S. Army

Florissant, Mo.

Oct. 21, 1949 – Sept. 15, 2014


Chester A. Lederhouse Jr.

LCPL, U.S. Marine Corps

Ransomville, NY

Jan. 19, 1947 – July 13, 1966


James S. McGough

SP4, U.S. Army

Fort Dodge, Iowa

Feb. 23, 1951 – Jan 3, 2014


Leonard E. Outlaw Sr.

ENC, U.S. Coast Guard

Grandy, N.C.

Dec 19, 1936 – March 23, 1972


Lee A. Rawn

PFC, U.S. Marine Corps

Lake Worth, Fla.

May 4, 1946 – April 24, 1967


Jimmy L. Smith

SP5, U.S. Army

Wasco, Ill.

Sept. 30, 1948 – May 24, 2014


John D. Stenhouse

LCPL, U.S. Marine Corps

Spokane, Wash.

April 13, 1949 – August 15, 2012


Also, nine names will have their status changed from missing in action to killed in action. This is done by a diamond that denotes confirmed death is created over the cross that meant missing in action.

•           Donald G. Carr; MAJ, USA; San Antonio, Texas; Panel 3W, Row 101

•           Richard C. Clark; LT, USN; Tacoma, Wash.; Panel 28E, Row 59

•           Kenneth L. Cunningham; SSGT, USA; Ellery, Ill.; Panel 17W, Row 33

•           Rodney L. Griffin; SGT, USA; Centralia, Mo.; Panel 11W, Row 85

•           Billy D. Hill; SFC, USA; Fallon, Nev.; Panel 35E, Row 6

•           James W. Holt; MSGT, USA; Hot Springs, Ark.; Panel 37E, Row 84

•           Edwin E. Morgan; CMSGT, USAF; Salisbury, N.C.; Panel 6E, Row 4

•           Bunyan D. Price Jr.; SSGT, USA; Belmont, NC; Panel 11W, Row 87

•           Dale W. Richardson; MAJ, USA; Cashton, Wis.; Panel 11W, Row 87

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