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Wordless Wednesday: U.S. Botanic Gardens

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Wordless Wednesday: Capitol springhouse

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Spanish Steps of Washington

The Spanish Steps of Washington is a mere fraction of its namesake in Rome, but the Kalorama neighborhood marble oasis is a pleasant distraction and often place to rest. Built in 1911 by architect Robert E. Cook as part of … Continue reading

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DAR Memorial remembers its founding mothers?

I used to think the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) were a bunch of old bluebloods caught in the past. And then my wife whacked me. No, Lisa just set me straight since she’s a member. Turns out it’s … Continue reading

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Saying goodbye to summer is always bittersweet

I love summer, but by the end I’m ready for its end. The searing heat has worn me down. So have the sweaty tours and sweaty tourists. Beach residents have a saying about summer and tourists — they’re glad to … Continue reading

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