Saying goodbye to summer is always bittersweet

Capital Photo History Tour - Booth_3620I love summer, but by the end I’m ready for its end. The searing heat has worn me down. So have the sweaty tours and sweaty tourists.

Beach residents have a saying about summer and tourists — they’re glad to see them come and glad to see them go. I know the feeling.

Oh, we’re not closing down like the beach on Labor Day. Instead, the best weather of the year is coming. Indian summer warm days with no humidity are my favorites. Football season is here. An endless series of fall events each weekend. It’s my favorite time of year. Too bad it leads to winter.

Our Capital Photo History Tours are back after a short hiatus and we have plenty of one-time events. Mount Vernon, Capitol Hill, National Mall and Teddy Roosevelt Island will all be offered once along with our usual outings like the Lincoln assassination, Georgetown and Embassy Row.

So it’s safe to come out now that the searing heat and heavy crowds are gone. Let’s reclaim our town and take some great photos. Come along on my tours now because, uh, I’m raising rates in 2017 after holding steady for five years.

And don’t worry, it won’t be long before we’re all complaining about the cold.

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