There is no average week

It’s the busy time of tour season when endless buses of school children clog the monuments while adult visitors wonder what’s all the chaos?

When people ask me what tour guiding is like, the past week is my perfect example. Fifth graders from Kansas, ninth graders from North Carolina, a private tour for a local group, diplomats from Europe and a seniors group.

Where did we go? Scaled the Lincoln Memorial and the major memorials four times, Arlington National Cemetery thrice. Entered the U.S. Capitol and National Cathedral. Saw Georgetown and Embassy Row.

The weather included a three nice days between a day-long rain in 51 degrees and another that felt like 95 degrees.

Welcome to Washington.

Things will calm slightly in a few weeks when the school kids are replaced by families. Tour requests will trickle from the current flood of requests. And guides tired from three months of serious money making will get a slight reprieve.

Yes, it’s my favorite time of year, especially before the excessive humidity finds us.

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