How many will come to Trump’s inauguration?

Kennedy inaugural

The election is over (thank goodness) and Washingtonians can go about their lives once more. For a while at least until Donald Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

Inaugurations have been a big deal in Washington since John F. Kennedy (above) drew 500,000 in 1961.That number probably would have been larger, but it snowed seven inches the night before. Indeed, the National Guard cleared Pennsylvania Ave. for the parade using flame throwers. Imagine that happening today.

Of the 23 inaugural crowds I could find counts, the top 12 have come since Kennedy. And while Barack Obama’s massive 2009 crowd was 1.9 million by some counters while others dispute it was twice that, it’s still the largest inauguration ever. His second inauguration was unofficially 1 million, which would rank third behind Lyndon B. Johnson’s 1965 swearing-in.

Of course, crowd counts are relative to the nation’s and city’s size. Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural in 1861 was 30,000. Considering the city’s population was 20,000, that’s pretty impressive.

Ronald Reagan’s 500,000 in 1981 was the largest Republican inaugural. His second doesn’t have a number because frigid conditions forced the ceremony indoors and cancellation of the parade. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1945 ceremony was inside the White House because of his failing health.

Here are crowd counts based on newspaper reports.

2009: Barack Obama 1,800,000
1965: Lyndon B. Johnson 1,200,000
2013: Barack Obama 1,000,000
1993: Bill Clinton 800,000
1961: John F. Kennedy 500,000
1981: Ronald Reagan 500,000
2001: George W. Bush 500,000
2005: George W. Bush 400,000
1977: Jimmy Carter: 350,000
1973: Richard Nixon 300,000
1989: George Bush 300,000
1997: Bill Clinton 250,000
1905: Teddy Roosevelt 200,000
1953: Dwight D. Eisenhower 200,000
1885: Grover Cleveland 150,000
1857: James Buchanon 150,000
1933: Franklin Delano Roosevelt 100,000
1853: Franklin Pierce 70,000
1841:William Henry Harrison 50,000
1929: Herbert Hoover 50,000
1829: Andrew Jackson 30,000
1861: Abraham Lincoln 30,000
1817: James Monroe 8,000
1873: Ulysses S. Grant, 2,000
1945: Franklin Delano Roosevelt 1,800 (Private ceremony)
1985: Ronald Reagan 1,000 (Indoors)
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