Best Lincoln Assassination Tour

There are several excellent tours detailing John Wilkes Booth’s assassination of Abraham Lincoln. But how many of them are given by someone related to Booth and co-conspirator Mary Surratt? That’s why Rick Snider’s is the best Lincoln assassination tour.

Rick is a distant cousin of Booth on his mother’s side and a third cousin of Surratt via his father’s side. (Rick’s also related to Frank and Jesse James and a few other miscreants, but also five U.S. presidents, two First Ladies and even European royalty so he’s not all bad.)

Rick offers both private and photo tours of the night Booth killed Lincoln. Starting at the Andrew Jackson statue in the middle of Lafayette Square by the White House (Farrgut North metro), Rick spends the next 90 minutes walking to Ford’s Theater telling tales along the way. How Booth extorted his co-conspirators into helping. Why Mary Surratt was guilty. How several people around Lincoln that night later went insane. What happened to the eight people found guilty of involvement.

Rick has coming Lincoln Assassination tours on April 11-12 and April 18 for just $20. Visit Capital Photo History Tours for details.

Private tours are available for any size group. Just email Rick for rates.