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Rick Snider

Rick Snider

A native Washingtonian whose family came to “Federal City” in the early 1800s, Rick Snider is a journalist, licensed Tour Guide, father, husband, dog owner and lots more.

“I’m essentially Mr. Haney from the old show ‘Green Acres,’ ” Rick said. “Whenever someone needed something, he had a sign on his truck that offered that service.”

Mostly, Rick is known as a local sports writer since 1978. He’s known especially for covering the Washington Redskins. Rick was named the 2010 co-Washington Sportswriter of the Year by the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association.

But, Rick is also a tour guide who relies on his story telling ability. Naturally, he can take you around the major sites and plenty of minor ones. But, Rick has a keen interest in the Lincoln assassination. Seems he’s related to John Wilkes Booth (mother’s side) and Mary Surratt (father’s side) as distant cousin to each. (That would explain some things, his friends say.)

Whether you’re bringing a large group to town or just one person, contact Rick over tailoring a tour for you. Rick is ready to go on foot or bus.

Email him at MonumentalThoughts (at) gmail.com.

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